simply put

I’m 23 and I think I have it all together.
One day a month.

The rest of the time I’m out my damn mind. I have huge revelations weekly, but then do nothing with them. I’m a girl who likes to eat bangers and mash, travel and drink with my friends. I should definitely be done with school, but I’m not yet. I have a love hate relationship with New Jersey, where I live (or where I’m trapped?). I think love is great, if I could just find some that sticks around for longer than 8 months (I swear, there is an 8 month rule. Watch.) Sometimes I think I like the excitement of bad decisions.

I believe in God.. and fortunately He believes in me too. It gives me hope.

All I can do is try. Here’s my attempt at life.

I’m nearly 26 now. This is a secret writing space, so if you’ve found it, congratulations. I have my real blog out in the public, I freelance and I work as an assistant editor for a large corporate website. This is where I go with my most troublesome or heavy thoughts. There are no grammar rules here. There are no edits, QCs or style rules. This is just naked, and usually embarrassingly immature, thought junk. Also, I have years of this stuff in my archives, so I guess I get something out of it.

But please, let’s keep this quiet.


I’m (nearly) 28 now. It’s amazing I still use this blog. I like having it in my back pocket when I feel like writing something. I don’t write that much any more, though. I’ve now an Associate Product Manager and I want to write in here more often. Overall, right now, I feel proud of myself and what I’ve accomplished and of who I am becoming. 23 year old me would be proud too, I think.


I’m 32 now. I’m a Digital Communications Manager at a Big 4 firm. I am married. Love lasts longer than 8 months now. I think it’s valuable to have this backlog of my life, so now that I’m entering into new territory (marriage, house, kids, domesticity) I want to keep the log going. No big weekly epiphanies. No existential crises. Not a lot of uncertainty. But still optimistic, hopeful, happy. Live is quiet, calm, normal, good.


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