Things I’m looking forward to – update update

  1. FINISHING wedding planning
    1. Suits, rehearsal dinner, grooms cake, DJ things (music, extras)
    2. The update: Suits are still coming. But the rehearsal dinner is all but planned, the grooms cake is ordered, and we’re slowly working our way through the DJ options. I feel less overwhelmed by all of this
    3. The update update: Suits are done! Rehearsal dinner is done! DJ will never be done.
  2. All the fun parts of wedding planning: Bach party, family, the shower…
    1. This part is an island. We are alone making decisions. In a few months, more people will be involved in celebrating. This part is quiet and expensive.
    2. The update: Everything is getting close. March is the last month of pure planning. Starting in April, everything ramps up.
    3. The update update: The NY bach party is over and was a shit show in a good way. New Orleans is in 3 weeks! Its going to be less of a shit show. Swamp tours! Haunted mansions! Hurricanes (the drink, hopefully).
  3. The actual wedding
    1. The update: I am still looking forward to the wedding. But now even more so, because it’s all “coming together”. It’s less abstract than before, and I think it’s going to be a little over the top and absolutely amazing. Mark got his wedding band the other day, and it was really neat seeing him wearing this beautiful gold ring from Tiffany’s… yes he gets his own blue box too.
      Cigar roller. Succulents. Mirror booth. It’s going to be special.
    2. The update update: MY DRESS CAME IN. I go for my fitting May 5. I am noticeably thinner than when I ordered it. This is going to be okay. We have paid of most things. Also still owe 1/2 of it. Its expensive. Luckily Mark’s rich (though he says hes not… and he’s not rich.. but he is kind of…)
  4. Buying a house by the beach
    1. The update: Or wherever we end up buying. While we aren’t buying a house until after the wedding, Mark and I keep looking every week. But before we buy a new house..
    2. The update update: I cant wait to move
  5. Finding a new job
    1. The update: I would like a new job and higher salary before we buy the house, so we’re approved for a larger mortgage. Not that we will buy the most expensive thing, but it would be nice to expand our options. I don’t despise my job as much as I did a month ago, I’ve chilled. But I will be ready to look and move on after the wedding.
    2. The update update: I think I might go back to school. I dont think ill get a new job before we buy a house, but who knows. I think an MBA sounds wonderful though.
  6. Getting a dog
    1. The update: Yes still looking the most forward to this! Sandy the Golden Retriever. I am thinking you into existence.
    2. The update update: I’m more excited over Sandy the dog than any future kids we’ll be lucky enough to have.


  1. The few unresolved parts of wedding planning that I need to decide on w/ Mark
    1. The update: I am not annoyed at all. We’re piecing it together, and have plenty of time still.
    2. The update update: We’re fine still. We only had like one argument, and that was over invitations, so I just made the decisions and moved on. And it wasn’t even an argument, we were both just so annoyed. These things get thrown out anyway who cares.
  2. my job, godddddddddddamnit
    1. The update: I’m relaxed. Six hours at the spa Saturday and purposely changing my perspective have helped. Work is going well.
    2. The update update: My job is fine!
  3. how pale I am.
    1. The update: I’ve started tanning. It’ll take months until I’m normal colored anyway. I will never be tan.
    2. The update update: Currently have  a spray tan..