Three Hours and Twenty Minutes

That is how long it took me to get home yesterday. I left at 4:20 thinking I’d beat them all! Apparently, they all had the same idea.

I came home, ate my brisket (which was tasty but a little dry unfortunately), had some wine, watched TV, talked to Mark and went to bed at 10.  I wasn’t in a bad mood or anything, but I was starving. When the traffic is that bad, there’s nothing you can do but sit back and chill out. Luckily on the radio, D&D were simply taking calls from  NJ commuters asking where they were, how long they’d been driving, and what the roads were like. When you’re sitting in the midst of it, you want to talk about it, so listening to everyone else kept me happy. “We’re all in this together guys!”

I am going to leave here in a moment and, with any luck, work from home tomorrow. It’s supposed to be snowy again- hopefully the last storm of the winter.

I hope I can get home in an hour twenty today.

Driving this much, it’s like I’m just teleported. I get in my car and then time flieeees by, and I’m home. I go numb to the drive most of the time. It’s no so bad.

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