I am still sick, but now my cough is 100% worse. I am tired during the day, and fevery at night. Spring can’t come soon enough!

This weekend was fine- Friday I went to dinner with Britt and Eric, Saturday I hung with Maureen.

Sunday Britt, Eric, John, Nicole and I went to the parade. It was freezing and snowing. We were there for a few hours when I was like, I’m really cold and over this, I want to head back. Everyone was on the same page, so we walked home, and Falco met at our house, and we went for dinner at St. Stephens. I was in bed by 9.

It was uneventful and fine, and probably my last time. I’m so grossed out by the majority of the people there, and don’t find it fun anymore- of course I had a great time with my friends, but we don’t need to hang outside in the snow surrounded by green-covered monsters to have fun. C’es la vie.

Apartment hunting is hard when you have no idea where you want to move. I am looking all over “central north” jersey, and I’m writing down apartments I think seem good. Mark and I will need to take a weekend in April and drive to these places and make a decision, but he doesn’t even know half of the towns I’m not considering. He’s been working for a while, and we haven’t been able to catch each other in the last 3 days. He needs to come home now- I’m over this.

I decorated my cube, and it looks great. I really like it and will post pictures eventually for memory’s sake.

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