I’m Excited

over a report I just wrote filled with a business case for and suggestions on changing our email subject lines. I know- it’s exciting. I also made a few Excel charts that break our User Help Requests into different themes, to help us better visualize where our users are having the most trouble. I hope they both get positive responses. Sometimes putting myself out there really leaves me feeling so vulnerable, and all I want to do is impress these new people like I did at my old job. The key to success, I’ve found, is to make yourself absolutely invaluable.

I like this stuff. I like data, taking numbers and making sense out of them. I don’t like math. No. But I like making decisions and educated assumptions based on aggregate data.

I am thinking about a future in Marketing. Not writing copy all day, but deciphering marketing campaigns, reading and understanding user response to our campaigns, and determining where to go – the strategy behind marketing.

I could always get my MBA in a marketing concentration. Oh IDK. I am thinking about talking to my boss about getting my MBA after a year here. That’s been my plan all along- find myself in a position or with a company I want to stay at for several years, and then go back to school. But to actually do it- ugh what a commitment.

For some reason though, I really want my MBA. I feel like it’ll bring more value to me, and I would be proud to have more than “just” an English degree. I’m not 100% okay with having “just” an English degree. Future talk.

I had to requit cigarettes this week. GOD I hate this habit. It is so hard for me to stay quit. I’ll be good for several weeks and then bum one for no reason and I’m hooked again. I’m having a craving right now. This is another good reason to abstain from booze- that stuff kills me when I’m trying to quit. At least I didn’t let my somewhat agitated state seduce me into eating more Cheetos. A girl’s gotta set limits for herself.

Personally, things are fine. I am over this weather, and Mark has been working in it, at night, all month. It makes me sad to hear him sad. I look forward to when this chapter is finished for him, whenever that may be.

We have a camping trip set up for May with Dad, Dina and the Triples. I’m looking so forward to it.

August is still Vegas. June is moving. Anything else is yet to be determined. But I want to be sure 50% of the summer is spent on the beach, so I may not be able to actually leave this little shoreline just yet.

That’s the extent of it for now.


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