Valentine’s Day 2015

This year, V-day was on a Saturday.

Mark was in my bed Thursday night when I came home, which was a nice surprise.

On Friday, we decided to go to a NYC Karaoke bar for a friend’s 31st birthday. It was one of those places where you are in a room with only your group, and a TV, and surround sound, and three mics. There are couches and disco lights and no one else can see you- and you go singing madly into the night with green lights dancing on your shirt and overpriced booze dripping off your chin.

We decided to miss our train and slept at a friends’ apartment in Hoboken.

On Saturday, Valentine’s Day, we were up by 10. We were on the train from Seacaucus by 11:15. We  were in Matawan by noon. We went to Jersey Mike’s and were home by 1:00.

There was a bouquet of tulips waiting for me.

We were in bed by 2:00.

We slept all day. There is NOTHING more miraculous than the feeling of finally being in your bed, after a day of running around, while hung over. It’s like- We have been adventuring all morning and afternoon to get to this exact point.. and now we’re here, and we’re never leaving.

We were up by 5 or 6, because we were starving. We ordered 10th Ave. We were so excited about 10th Ave. We ate it until we could burst. Then, we were back in bed. We slept until the morning.

This was our 4th Valentines Day, and it was perfect. We were supposed to go to New Brunswick to watch a friend play music but, there was nothing peeling me off that couch.

I am including this picture of last year’s Valentine’s dinner. I made a roasted chicken- I cooked it all day- it was delicious. This was a really good dinner, better than enchiladas and Adobe wings (but barely), and I want to remember it.

roasted chicken dinner homemade

I got a flat tire on Monday on the way to work, and had to pay $330.00 for repairs. This pushes me back a little budget/saving wise, but it’s okay. It was nice at least not needing to charge the repairs.

I worked from home Monday and Tuesday, and have been working from home so much lately due to the weather, that my diet is not as pristine as it should be. This week, I made a super protein and veggie packed “Chicken Enchilada” soup for lunches, and have been eating turkey burgers (sans bun, with mushroom, hot sauce and low-fat ranch dabs) for dinner. It’s been fine- the soup is only okay in my mind (it’s not the same without all those creams and cheeses)… but I also ate like potato chips and shit. But it’s Wednesday, so 3 more days of clean eating and I should feel lighter than ever. My pants already fit better.

Now I need to prepare to talk about our user’s social media usage and create a newsletter. This job is getting better, and I’m getting really interested in the marketing aspects. So I should go do some work.


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