Monday morning

I am having less of a mental breakdown today.

Sometimes, I just get restless and I worry that I’m not living genuinely enough. But that is when I need to sit and relax, and think of one change I can make to feel better.

I have enough volunteering coming up to hold me over. I did find a great organization that does “Voluntourism” (which is a new word that I love), and I found a program that they host that really enticed me. Maybe I’ll enroll for next December, maybe not. It’s an option.

I need to get better at staying healthy. I need to dry out a little and continue to be someone I’m proud of being. My vices aren’t the worst but I am happier without them.

My current plan is to stick to my meal plan until Saturday. I made all of my dinners and lunches for the week, and have my snacks all prepared- so its only a matter of wanting to do it. I would love to be a little thinner come V-day.

But all is well, I had a great weekend. Friday I hung out with Frank and Marissa, and then the rest of the weekend I stayed in and watched mafia movies. I can’t get enough of it; Sopranos is over and now I did Casino and Goodfellas, I started the Netflix series Lilyhammer because Silvio’s in it. Godfather 1 and 2 are next. I’m working from home today so maybe after I’m done at 5, before Britt comes home, I can sneak in another movie.

I cleaned the house yesterday, and did all my laundry.. and I woke up this morning so happy and cozy. It was a great weekend to be all by myself doing whatever I pleased- which turned out to be doing nothing.

I feel refreshed.


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