Middle of the day

I have nothing much to say today.

  • My diet this last week has been shit and my slacks are tight.
  • I bet Mark $50 that the Seahawks would win and now I know that I’m not good at sports betting.
  • I am getting dinner/drinks with an old colleague today and she suggested we go to this bar in Madison, which coincidentally happens to be the only place I’ve ever been to in Madison.
  • I  have not yet gone to my new office gym or returned to hot yoga, but I did cancel my personal gym membership. I will start going to the new gym next Monday. I WILL.
  • I was finally paid and I used the money to pay all of the utilities as a surprise for my sister because she could use a break and I wanted to do something nice for her.
  • I am itching to go back to England- I really really want to but I have no good reason to plan another trip there when I’ve been a couple of times and there are so many places I haven’t been to. I wish I could have gone on one last business trip to London before I quit. It would be cool if Ireland was next.
  • I am bored during the week- I need something else to do other than making dinner and have drinks with Britt. It’s getting old, so I should read or something.
  • I start at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore on Saturday. I’m volunteering there once a month, which I’m excited about.

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