Book Ideas

I just tried to write a story, or I at least started  a story. And then I realized I was writing Fight Club.

Writing is hard, I am so out of practice. And writing Fight Club 2 really isn’t the best approach.

I should write what I know, which is cubicles and apartments by the beach and boyfriends and babysitting and having a sister. It will be called “Sister by the Bay” and will include chapters on “Wine Tuesdays” and “Battered Boyfriends- tales of living with the Blackwoods”, there will be a follow up chapter to that called “You’re Nothing Like my Dad- living up to weird expectations set by an overly religious weekend father” (that’s meaner than I meant for it to be)…. also “The Lazy Eye and the Computer Screen”, “WWE Mondays”, and “Resentment: The Christmas Tree Saga”.

It should be a bunch of short stories, because no one is going to read it anyway and it’s easier to write short stories than 47 chapters on why my life isn’t all that significant in the BIG picture, but significant enough for me.

Or I will take the hundreds of blog posts that exist here over the last decade+ and bind them and hand them out to people on the street, like a crazy person. I will title it, “My Lazy Manifesto: basic girl whinings about everything” and it will be a smash hit with all the homeless people of Wall.

Happy Friday- I think I’ll take a nap.


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