Laziness is

Not waking up early enough to dry my hair.

Ingenuity is positioning the heat vents in my car to dry it for me.

My dad just texted B and me saying, “Hi Girls, I sent you a NYT article on living with your boyfriends. Please read.”

The Downside of Cohabiting Before Marriage

I’ll read this, but I don’t want to. I still kind of hate that my dad disapproves of me and Mark moving in together! Yeah I’m an adult, but it just bothers me.

Other than his disapproval, the thing that is most annoying about the whole moving in conversation is the fact that it always turns right into the engagement conversation; when is it happening, what’s the hold up, it’s Mark holding this up isn’t it?

This is a touchy-ish subject for me because I do kind of want him to propose and it is him holding off.

He’s not in a rush, and neither am I. But I think after our 4 year anniversary in June, we’re no longer rushing. I don’t want to become obsessed with getting engaged, but the whole premise is really exciting to me. This excitement leads me to wonder if I only want to get engaged in order to relish in a new ring and all the attention.

I hate girls like that.

So I go on to think, marriage- it’ll come. And it’s permanent. So really, enjoy this time now.  But then I think- no we should get married and in a few years have kids and…

The entire debacle rests on the fact that I don’t trust Mark to make the right decision at the right time because he pushes things off- like changing jobs. But I think he pushes off the things he’s uncertain about, and he’s not uncertain about us. So I really have no reason to worry and freak out.

But I still don’t want to deal with my Dad and his disappointment in us living together.

Part of  living in the now, which I have been practicing and enjoying every single day, is dropping thoughts on distant dates and engagements and focusing instead on what we have going on for us right now, Tuesday at 12:34 PM.

Right Now

I just finished working on the editorial newsletter draft- it wasn’t difficult to put together.

I just met a new colleague who is senior to me, and she was really nice.

There is no-bean chicken and turkey chili at home in the crock pot.

Mark is in charge of tasting it every hour to see how the spice level is. His last report said it was not spicy at all. He is now adding more spice.

I just finished my lunch and I’m still kind of hungry, but I’ll wait to eat my Red Miso Soup,

I don’t know how to fill up the next 5 hours of my day, but I’ll start by watching a new compliance video.

This weekend, Brittany turns 27! Saturday we are going to Avanti with mom to get massages. That night we’re going to Medieval Times.

I have a 10 pack of hot yoga sessions to Younique Yoga in Belmar and Allenhurst. I went to the 9AM session with Dina and Britt on Saturday- I love yoga. So glad I have this 10 pack to get me back into it. (Thanks Britt for the xmas gift).

I should get my first paycheck on Jan 30th. It should be for 4 weeks. It’ll be interesting to see what I’m actually bringing home after my deductions. But if I don’t get paid on the 30th, and I have to wait until the NEXT pay cycle, I’m going to be really screwed and broke and borrowing money.


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