I’ve been getting up a lot earlier lately in an effort to get my body on a new routine. Where I was getting up between 8:30 and 9, I am now trying to be up by 7 and out of the house by 8. Eventually, I will work up to being up by 6 and out of the house by 7ish. Yesterday was the first day, and I was up at 7:10 and at work by 9:10. I had meetings all day, and a work dinner at 5:15. I was home by 8:30, and I was exhausted. I was exhausted all day in fact. I drank a lot of coffee and water, and tried to stay focused. I was in bed by 9.

Today, I didn’t get out of bed until 7:20. I left by 8:10, and was at work by 9:30.

It’s 12:12 right now and I can’t believe that it’s only 12:12 right now. I had meetings in the morning and then got a lot done, was eating lunch by 11:30 and now it’s 12:12 and I feel like it’s already been an entire day. I have 5 more hours to go?

It’s crazy how long a day really is when you get up at a respectable time. From arriving at work by 10:30, taking lunch at 12 and leaving by 5, the days flew. Getting here at 9 really does make such a difference.

I’m also not leaving early; trying to stick it out so that my body gets used to early mornings and long days.

I do like it actually. My eating schedule is so much better:

8:00 AM Breakfast: 3 Turkey sausage links, water, an apple and coffee.

Noonish Lunch: Something from home (protein and veggies) or a salad and soup from the cafeteria.

2:00 PM: Snack. I did bring yogurt but I much prefer a Coke zero and a snack sized bag of something crunchy. So sue me.

6:30 PM: Dinner (protein, veggie).

Because my day is longer and I’m busier- filling it with getting lots done- I don’t snack much, and when I do eat I’m trying to make better decisions. My weight isn’t really bad right now- I’ve lost a few pounds and feel and look fine, but I am trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle all together.

8 hours of sleep, waking early, working hard, eating right, and then I don’t know- reading a little and going to bed.

This is boring, but I’m focused on this right now. And I haven’t been drinking- I’ve decided to cut it from my diet all together. There’s just no need for it- I’m not funnier, smarter or more personable when I drink. I just get drunk. I like being sober and watching everyone else get stupid. Then I can remember the night and ensure I don’t make a jack ass out of myself. This is a big change too, but one that I feel is right.

Now it’s only 12:19. This day cannot go fast enough.