What Inadvertently Became My Thanksgiving Post

I’m not a drifter by any means. But I want both. Home and adventure. There’s all kinds of adventure out there.

I wrote that while in Arizona in 2009 on the big trip. It is still spot on. There is a lot of adventure out there, and “you don’t have to drive 8,000 miles in a circle to find it”… as I also wrote.

I am high lately. I’m happy. I can’t wait to get the ball rolling and make my big announcement, but until then (December 8th) I’m relishing in this moment. This absurd moment of calm before the madness of transition, and fat paychecks and long hours. Of meeting new people, making new impressions, and impressing important people. Before flying to Atlanta and meeting new connections, drinking with new grads and accounting folks, and looking to actually – maybe – finally – buy a new car! (Bye bye Scion, sorry for driving you into the ground- love ya).

I now have the freedom to focus on other things. Like, my life! And that’s cool, because my life is cool:

  • I love Mark- he really is the sweetest best thing. His little touches, and tickles, and support, and affection and love and everything. His political anger and taboo thoughts, his road rage, the really annoying way he says “Ché” when he’s mad at me and that stupid look he gives when he thinks I’m too upset over nothing. Watching wrestling on Monday nights, and going to St. Stephens for Nets games and playing Words with Friends and his face when I make a shitty dinner and dressing up to look sharp together and having a sugary snack at night…
  • Brittany- Brittany and Eric, and loving my sister’s boyfriend and eating their venison and planning for what’s next, Brittany and her job in Asbury helping horrible people keep their kids, sister days and running errands and watching TV on Tuesday Night and drinking a bit too much, and our ADORABLE apartment that I still love 2 years later.
  • Friends – Friends with babies who love me, friends with new jobs and new loves and weddings and exciting things, friends who you can be yourself with and laugh with, friends who are actually just family at this point- wonderful friends!

I love my life. And now I add:

  • Job- job that is exciting and growing and new, and pays a lot more than I ever have been paid, and that lets me love my life. My quiet, simple, comfortable, love filled life.

I guess that’s what I’m thankful for this year – all of the above.

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