Everything truthful about work currently

I don’t know how I got so good at interviews. I really do think most of my success comes from reading askamanager.org for the last several years. That blog has taught me everything about resumes, cover letters and interviews- and I’m really good at getting interviews  now. What I’m not so good at is finding the perfect fit for me. Either I am interviewing for jobs that are a bit over my head, or jobs that are beneath my skill level. It’s hard to find the right match- I mean, I’m spending 40+ hours there a week, I need to be happy.

But yesterday, I interviewed at one of the top 2 firms in the world. Yeah- seriously. I had a 2-hour interview with 4 ppl (30 mins per person), and I was told, “Your resume is awesome”, “Your cover letter stuck out so much- I could tell you were energetic and vibrant just from that”, “I love this particular line in the cover letter”, “Wow- you only graduated 4 years ago?… Jeez”, “That’s a great answer- ha that’s really a great answer”, “Wow, that’s also a perfect answer, ha”.

I know I’m making my interviewers sound like teenagers, but candid expressions of surprise aren’t professionally scripted.

Oh and here’s something funny- my cover letter which I submitted for a serious copy editing/content management job that PRIDES itself on excellence… it had 2 errors in it, and no one spotted them.

So here’s the deal- I am focusing so much on my career right now. I want to make a certain amount of money so that 1 year from today I am debt free. Also, so that come June I have the money for a deposit on a new apartment. This is my focus. Once I am debt free and making a great living and saving, then I can focus on what’s next. Next is marrying Mark. But I can’t contribute to, yet alone pay for, a wedding right now. This is seriously part of my ambition- I need to get to a certain place so that I can have the future I want.

My dad says it’s dumb to wait until I’m financially secure to get married because there’s always something that is going to be in the way if that’s how I’m approaching it, and I agree. But I’m not in a rush. I’m 28, and happily in love with my guy, I know we’ll marry, but why today? Let’s move in together in June, let’s get our careers on track, and then let’s celebrate our love and life and everything we’ve built in a Beachy- BBQy- Hawaiin themed jubilee with a keg and cornhole and all our friends.

So, this job. Let’s discuss the pros: Huge firm, potential for a career and future growth, good salary, great for my resume, I’ll learn a lot and I’ll the managing editor’s right hand gal. I will be her shadow and I will learn so much about running a website, reading analytics and managing content for a huge professional site. It’s a great great opportunity!

Here’s the cons: It’s 1 and a half hours away (probably) during the morning commute, I have to be in the office every day, and the hours are long (8-10-sometimes 12 hour days). Then, I drive an hour and ten minutes home, sleep and do it again. It sounds very demanding, and right now I work from home 2-3 days a week and work no more than 8 hours ever. Ever.

I will be in shock, I will be tired, I will feel run down… and then I’ll get used to it. And I’ll be paying now for a cozier future hopefully.

I think it’s the time now to make sacrifices like this, so that when I have little babies in the far away future, I can find a local job that pays well because of my experience. I’m just planning over here.

I’m excited and nervous- I can’t wait to find out.

It’s possible I don’t get it- I am still reeling from a job opportunity I had two months ago. I went on 4 awesome interviews, really really believed I had it in the bag, and then last minute found out they wanted someone with a better technical background. I was planning my resignation, and the disappointment really set me back. I was so upset- so so so upset. But then I jumped back, and went on. So if this doesn’t play out, which it very possibly may not, then I’ll feel the disappointment, allow it to set it, then shrug it away and keep on keepin’ on. Maybe I’ll find something closer, who knows.


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