Pros and Cons

I left my diet on the tarmac in Honolulu. I came home to find B had stopped her diet and the two of us came together to join our crusades in eating all things delicious. I’m sorry, M. But, as I sit here eating a burrito I made for dinner last night, I am ready to get back into the swing here. I miss working out – it’s been 3 weeks. The amount of change in my body in 3 weeks is pretty phenomenal. Workout forever!


I once spoke with a woman who was happily employed but continued to send out her resume and go on interviews. She said it helped her stay relevant and keep up with the changing job market, kept her on her toes and allowed her to continuously self-evaluate. Plus, by going on interviews often, it eliminated any fear and made her more confident. The idea was that when she went on interviews for jobs she really did want, she wouldn’t be nervous. This little exercise resulted in her getting a few jobs that she never would have expected, and with great perks because she had no qualms about asking for more since she didn’t need the job offer.

This idea has resonated with me for years, and I’ve started to do the same. I applied to two jobs a week and a 1/2 ago, and received interview requests from both. That shows me my resume and cover letter are good right now, which is a relief because it’s hard to redraft your resume. I’m happy I found a way to capture the important details and drop the rest.

I have an interview in 2 hours for a company that’s willing to pay me  A LOT more than I’m making now. There are pros and cons to this job, and I am really going on the interview as an experiment to see how I do. I want to kick the nerves out of me, and this is practice. But, they sent me a bunch of literature to review beforehand. So I’m reviewing it now, and I have Beethoven playing because I can’t think of any other music that simultaneously helps me concentrate and makes me feel smarter.

My current job though is going great, I really don’t know if I would leave it anyway. Things in general are going really well. I’m very happy.


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