I’m leaving Hawaii… Mindy Kaling is poorly narrating her book in my ears while the pilot keeps interrupting, breathing strangely heavily in my ear and freezing the OnDemand screen each time. I’m in an aisle seat, directly In front of the toilet- a God sent to me and a nightmare for every other adult under the age of 60. While deciding between rewatching Goodfellas or American Hustle and wondering how pissed my bosses are that my flight home was pushed back a few days, I’m pushing back the thought that I’m really sad to be leaving. This trip cane directly on the heals of Bonnaroo, and I’ve spent hundreds of dollars ave countless hours lounging on beaches, snorkeling and obsessing between being too pale and not getting too burnt. I am trying not to think about how sucky it is to be going home- returning to work, going back to the gym (I’ve gained like 5lbs this week), being away from Mark and pissed about it for ten different reasons, having to get a new license, looking at my credit card bill…. And instead focus on all the positives- looking back on a great vacation that I really needed with Mark, getting to train the new interns and returning to a structured routine, sleeping In my own bed, losing these 5lbs and return to getting stronger and thinner, a 3 day weekend is on the horizon, I’m tan, I can cook my own food again and I was able to spend 8 beautiful days on an unknown island with M after he was gone for 3 weeks and will be gone for 3 more. By the time he returns, I’ll be even fitter and we’ll be heading to a Manasquan beach house with his family for a week of lounging, reuniting and hopefully stress free relaxation.

My OnDemand just turned off but it’s rebooting. I feel rebooted. I think I’ll finish my novel, grab a snack and fall asleep to Mindy.

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