27 and 1/2

  • Broke… really broke
  • Sad, weepy sad
  • Stressed, teeth grinding stressed
  • Alone, feeling super solitary

But I applied for three jobs in the last two days, cleaned my entire house, did three loads of laundry.

I’m at my wits end. I’m very disappointed by the fact that I feel like I will need to live another year w/ a roommate. This is ridiculous at this point. I just have no faith in you. I don’t trust you’ll do what’s right for “us”.

I am also frustrated with being broke. I am frustrated with my job. I want to make more money and I don’t want to hate going into work and countdown until I’m able to leave again.



  • I may have a connection at Pru who can help me find a job. I  may not though.
  • My resume and cover letter are looking pretty good (I think)
  • Even a Jr. or Assoc. position PM job will pay a lot more than what I’m currently bringing in, and I am experienced enough
  • I haven’t smoked any cigarettes or tried to drink my troubles away
  • I had my teeth cleaned today and she removed all the cigarette stains I had
  • He might surprise me and I might not be totally disappointed
  • Living with my sister for another year isn’t bad at all
  • I still love my apartment
  • I will get another job
  • It’s almost summer
  • I’ll be fine.
  • 27, looking for heaven
  • I’m smart
  • Also, I am going to be on the radio throughout the month of April and hopefully it doesn’t get me fired, but I’ll also be famous in my own mind, and I love the attention.