2014,2015, 2016, today, tomorrow, forever

-Watch The Wire
-Go to a ballet
-Go to an opera
-Split travel up 50% between Places to See and Places to Lay on a Beach
-You should go to Ireland in January when you’re in the UK. Maybe you’ll feel really lonely, but maybe you will be happy you did it later on. I don’t know, it’s not that expensive.
-Don’t go to Ireland if you think it’ll make you too sad though. You’ll have other chances.
-Don’t be fucking miserable
-Stay away from married men (They are the worst, holy shit)
-Just do whatever it is that makes you happy, not what you’re supposed to do, what others think you should do, what people you envy are doing, just what you want to do.
-Stop living on a timeline
-Listen to yourself.
-Take this thing one day at a time.
-This is hard, but it’s okay.
-Get off the computer, go wrap the final gifts, and make your Christmas ornament.
-If you want to disappear, disappear. It really sounds amazing. When you want to reappear, reappear.
– And don’t try to analyze this or anything. In time if you want you can, but now is not the time.

I’m proud of you. You’re doing really well. Enjoy yourself.