Hi there!

Long time. Not as long as other times, but long enough.

Well, a few of those little resolutions (see below) have come into fruition. Can I say fruition without sounding totally out of touch? No, I cannot. “Write to your audience!” they say. Well I am my audience, and I am out of touch.

Resolutions (almost) complete:

  • Make more money!
    • Well, I had a great performance review. I asked for more money, a lot more. That was rejected, sadly. I was told I would instead be getting around “A 15% increase on your current salary; that’s a merit increase. Then a promotion in May with an additional 10% raise.” It’s rumored I’ll be receiving my exact merit increase today, but one of my coworkers got her increase and it was a small percentage, so I don’t know what’s actually happening. Regardless, boring details that take up way too much of my time aside, I will be making more money in 2013. So done.
  • New title!
    • I was officially told I will be transitioning from an Assistant Editor to an Editor. Hooray! Great growth for my resumĂ©! (Business-ese? How unflattering).
  • Move out (again)!
    • Britt and I are moving in together, and so I am not moving back in with my mom. We’re looking at places near the shore still, and are hoping for a standalone house rather than an apt or shared duplex or anything. Either way, I am stoked to start new somewhere. The B.Mar house has absolutely run it’s course.
  • Stop Smoking!
    • One day at a time my friend, but currently smoke-free. I went a week, fell off, went another week, fell off for a few days, and am now 5 days free again. It’s an addiction, but I am TRYING.


I am really enjoying my growing position at work (again, business-ese, cut it out) and am savoring the last few months with John and Eric, my lovelies. I am also ready for summer, tan(ner) skin and A G.D. WEIGHT LOSS.

I will allow it for now, this weight, because of the smoking, but tomorrow it’s back to 6 AM gym sessions because I want that for myself.

Anyway, just stopping in to say things are not perfect, but they are good.


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