I won’t kid you, I have no idea whats coming and the anxiety over the possibilities kept me from sleeping.

Today Ill clean my house and host my second New Years with my best friends and family and boyfriend. And I won’t smoke.

I’ll spend the afternoon with Maureen and my baby Colette.

I’ll worry over joint bank accounts and the fight we had this week and where I’m moving in June, along with other things I can’t decide on or do anything about right now.


  • make more money
  • change titles (work)
  • move into a new place that isn’t my moms house
  • figure out if I’m with the right person
  • be less uppity
  • no smoking (perpetual addition)
  • work out more (perpetual addition)
  • find God
  • be a better person
  • continue progressing

Write more, bc you’re forgetting how. Be a better daughter and more supportive sister. Demand your life, don’t be so lazy about it.

There’s so much coming, I’m just freaked out. Mainly over moving in with Mark and the possibility of becoming engaged. It’s all very real and serious and it freaks me out, bc I don’t know how to not over think everything.

But in there is joy and love and that’s all I really wish for next year.