There are so many things to say. Did you know I’m going to Chicago for 5 days as part of my training for the big promotion that may be coming up? Or that im taking place for the senior marketer in a big HR expo? Or that I’ve been given permission to obtain a press badge to attend seminars and write articles for my website? Or that I made a delicious Chicken Francese dinner for more people than I’ve ever cooked for, and I received rave reviews? Or that I spend every week with Colette and adore her as an infant and watching her grow every day into a person? You didn’t, but now you do. I’m 26. Thats insane and so is life.


My best friend friend had her baby today. I don’t care about babies, never have. Like, so little interest I thought something maternal was missing from my chemistry. But Mo had her daughter today, and I cried twice in the last two days thinking about it. She’s beautiful. Even if she isn’t, I’m biased. For the first time in my life I looked at a newborn and didn’t see an alien. I have never been so in love, with someone I’ve never met no less. I’ll meet Colette tomorrow and can’t sleep in anticipation. Congratulations my friend.

Already, so little else matters. Love!