It’s so exciting to be with the person you think you will be with for the rest of your life.


Say some terrible, sad, awful thing happens, I will never regret saying that I think Mark is my one. Forever and ever my love. I am excited for Friday.


There’s no way to describe real love in words, so you all get a weird 1/100th view of it. Because real love, and the work it takes to make a relationship endlessly successful, is indescribable.


I’ve never had the privilege of feeling this way, so I am lucky, blessed, and eternally grateful.


Three weeks away is too much and I feel insecure over things that I shouldn’t. I can’t wait to be next to you and looking in your eyes and seeing the very love I’m invested in and so physically far from. I love you and miss you and can’t wait to be with you. I hate your winters but I’ll make it through with you. I only wish we didn’t have to be so good at distance! You’re my gem, blue.

Big Moments

My roommate drank my beer in front of me. That is my biggest complaint. Also I’m ten pounds overweight, but who isn’t. That’s not a question.

I have my first check for my writing. Not in my hand, but I have it. In the Internet. Waiting for me to cash it in.

I have inside of me the idea of the moment. I will take a picture, holding the check in front of me, the check in focus, myself blurred but smiling. I’m going to scan it and frame it, and place it beside my degree.

The check is for $21.96.

My plan is coming together. Long term vision.

I’ve been freelancing for a year.



Time Management

Over two scrambled eggs adorned with a zigzag of ketchup, I plan the schedule. I can’t spend hours working on each single page of content. My clients think I’ve forgotten them and I’m becoming strangely underpaid.

  • Finish the web designer’s About Us by lunch
  • Finish the Portfolio SEO description by 4pm
  • Submit both by 4:30
  • Email mentor about a meeting next week
  • Apologize to mentor about late notice on this week’s meeting not happening
  • Leave work by 6
  • Make chicken
  • Complete research for Financial site’s project
  • Have enough to write on without reopening the browser on Thursday
  • Go to sleep before midnight