Quick and Easy: Workdrobe

My Warrick Davis toes. This picture is from a week and 1/2 ago, and today I am wearing heels again for the first time. I was inspired to hurry my healing process up during a lunch date with a friend yesterday. She was wearing her pressed blouse and dress pants, heels shining nicely underneath, and I was wearing the above boot, one sandal, jeans and my hair wasn’t straightened. My face was puffy and my stomach engorged. I was dirty with mud on my shoulder. Bees were following me. You know the feeling.

The heels thing is going okay. My toe is still purple and crooked, bending unnaturally to the left. The bend is bit disconcerting, actually. It’s more bent now than it was when I took this photo, or the swelling was just hiding it really well. Regardless, the bend led me to my low heels today. They’re a little painful, but I have to be used to pain if I ever want to be taken seriously as a professional model. I’ve also decided to bring all of my blouses and dress pants to the dry cleaner this weekend so that I too can be pressed, starched and crinkle free. I don’t want to look like I’m wearing tissue paper 2 hours into the workday.

It’s important, dressing for success that is. And it’s easy, if you just do what I did. Take a couple hundred dollars and go to NY & CO. Everything there looks great and is cheap. Plus everything there is always on sale. Buy 5 pairs of dress pants, in different colors and cuts. Now you have pants for every occasion and work day. Buy 2 skirts, for the days you don’t want to wear pants or are feeling sexy. Buy a few nice blouses. Then invest in some cardigans. A nice cardigan over a simple tank (something with a design or basic black) with dress pants will never go wrong. Scarves too. I like wearing fancy scarves. Even if you simply buy your dress pants, skirts and two cardigans (also, buy two versatile suit jackets), you can go to Target and get the rest of your wardrobe, like cheaper cardigans, shirts and tanks for underneath the blouses, jackets or sweaters, etc.
I purchased these staples in August and nearly a year later I’m only now just beginning to feel the need to refresh the work wardrobe. Plus, you may not fully understand the culture of your office yet. You may find, as I did, that a pressed blouse is not necessary every day. In fact, a simple sweater is fine, or a short sleeve shirt with some type of detail, to keep it from being too casual. So you don’t want to buy everything and waste all your money on items you might dismiss a few weeks in.

That’s more for getting a new job, I guess.
The point here is nothing. I like wearing heels every single day. I feel like I look better. I feel better. I am taller and respected differently.

Insecurity is damned in the right set of heels.

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