I’m back from vacation.

Or staycation.

I didn’t blog, or even check my e-mail except for once. I didn’t go to work. I didn’t walk much.

Downside: My fractured toe kept me from going to NYC, or the Outlets, or the bar, or a comedy show, or anything else that I wanted to do.

The Upside: I was able to borrow my mom’s neighbor’s wheelchair. I was wheeled to the sandwhich shop. I was wheeled to the beach. We practiced doing wheelies. By Wednesday-Thursday I could walk with my boot on without crutches.

It was nice to live like I was pre-job. Or really like I was no job. Staying up late, sleeping in a bit, drinking a lot of beer, having nothing to do, making plans. I’m refreshed at least. I wanted to do so much more than I was able to, but I got over that. For what it was, it was nice.

We went to the movies, we went Moster Golfing, we hung out at the beach with Brittany and Eric, we had Brendan over, we went to my dad’s BBQ and almost got good at cornhole, we made our famous Memphis Ribs and we made Chicken Francese for the first time, we drank wine and caught up on Game of Thrones, we hung out with Eric before he moved to California, we stayed up late talking… it was a good 5 days.

I won an award at work while I was gone. I’m changing my name to Sally Smith in the text so that no one finds me here, but here’s the award copy.  It was really nice:

Congratulations to Assistant Editor Sally Smith, who has won the [Company Name] Group Monthly Achievement Award  for May.
Sally wins the award for her unstinting efforts in supporting many aspects of the work of the US content team. She is nominated by her manager, who says:
“There are so many reasons why Sally is deserving of this reward. Her dedicated support of the US team in achieving the goals of our content build and launch is unwavering and every task she has performed (even the more menial ones) has been approached with the same positive, “can-do” spirit that we have all come to know and love so well.
Sally  is conscientious, efficient, deadline-driven and always committed to the quality of her work. She is genuinely interested in learning as much as she can about the business and any tools that exist to make her better at her job.
Throughout the build phase, Sally has been instrumental in so many ways, including, but not limited to: her work with author contracts and cultivating author relationships; her “moonlighting” as a production editor whenever her assistance is needed; her work on Liveflo- both learning the tool and training others on its use; her work on gathering and QCing many of the policies and documents on the site and preparing other content for the site; and her impressive preparation of training documentation for the legal editors on the EMT and production processes this past month.
Most significant, over the past two months, has been her commitment to the rigorous tracking of all of our files and crucial milestones as documents made their way through the author commissioning and production process. Although we have since determined that the amount of tracking needed on a daily basis requires the attention of a full-time employee devoted solely to this task, Sally has worked long hours to make certain that all items were properly tracked while also ensuring that her many other responsibilities did not fall by the wayside.
She prepared extensive training documentation on the tracking spreadsheet and has continued to provide hands-on training and mentoring of our new hire on the importance of the tracking and attention to detail required in managing the flow of files through production.
Her commitment has allowed us to properly identify backlogs in processing so that we could improve our methods and overall efficiency. When I think of the often-heard quote in business – “You are only as good as the people, you hire” – Sally Smith immediately comes to mind. Thank you, Sally, for all that you do for us.”

Well done to Sally, who wins a voucher worth $80.


Anyway, I don’t mind being back. I feel ready to get back to my daily routine. Plus I’ll eat less, which is good.

I need to start writing more and I want to learn to play the piano. There’s this good groupon deal to learn the keyboard at some music school in Red Bank. I should just do that.

I get nervous though! I’m not sure why.


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