This is what I have!

I have always said I have a lazy eye, but that my brain doesn’t recognize the images that come from it. When I close my right eye (my good eye), it’s hard to read or see out of my left eye.  It’s as if the image is clouded with blackness… the blackness my brain is receiving from the closed eye. No matter what, my brain only wants to use my right eye. If I close my right eye,  I don’t have the same depth perception, and can hardly feel safe driving that way. With my left eye closed, nothing changes. I literally don’t see any differently.
When I read using my left eye only, it’s difficult to comprehend what the words even mean. It’s so hard to read them.

So, I know what it is at least now.

It’s getting worse. I think I’ll have a permanently lazy eye eventually.

I don’t know, maybe Lasik helps.

This is all very sad.




No, no, way worse actually. I’m very likely to eventually go blind in my left eye.


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