So, you just got your first real writing job. You don’t get paid for it, because the day you get paid for writing will be anything but commonplace. That post will have a lot of exclamation marks in it. But, it’s for a reputable gossip/dating blog for women and you are writing four “Weekend Dating Ideas” articles a week. For now. Once you show your worth, you’ll begin writing byline features, which means you’ll be writing articles that include your byline. Articles that will be cross-posted on sites like, and some other sites you haven’t heard of. It’s weird, btw, that you are writing to your past self in third person.

I guess I can’t call this my first real writing job, since I don’t get paid for it. I don’t get paid because I contacted them during a time when they didn’t have any open, paid spots left. I was given this opportunity through a contact. I networked. For the first time ever. And its more like, I was contacted by a coworker out of nowhere on her first day at work about a possible author interviewing position at this website. I didn’t contact her contact for a month, but then knew I had to, even just to be polite. Turned out well.

Anyway, if I could go back and talk to college-aged Che, who could be anywhere between 18-24, I would tell her this: You will end up finding a job 8 months after graduation. It will be an assistant editing job for a really successful website. You will learn a lot about a lot, you work for a publishing company and for a human resources website and you have an amazing and laidback boss. It’s good. You also, from this job, are connected to a website that will help you build your writing samples and resume. You should save a lot of money while you can, because while you are learning and in a place that strangely aligns with a lot of your interests, you will also be commuting 140 miles a day. And you will be kind of broke. And you will still have to work at Chili’s.

But, I am so faithful that this is all for something great. Really.


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