Oh I meant to remember this dream

I had twin girls..or boys.. they were black and adorable and toddlers. I had a Peurto Rican boyfriend and he was a great dad but a terrible person. SO really, he was a terrible dad. We were in the mall and we had to be somewhere but he made us stop in this upscale store because he saw a pair of white boat pants that he had to have. So we go into the store and he is so rude and condescending to the sales woman, while ordering me around to help him find the pants he saw in the display window. The entire time my mind is centered on the fact that we are running late to being somewhere. I was counting down the minutes as in, “We have 3 minutes…!” I was panicked and he was running around being so rude and the sales woman kept coming up to me to complain about what a dick he was. Meanwhile, I have two little kids to tote around. I then flash forward to talking to a friend of mine who is in the mall now too. I have my children with me and I am telling her about how I am leaving my husband. I woke to myself saying outloud, “We will get through this like an adult.”

I said that as I woke up while also simultaneously sitting up in bed. So, we will get through this like an adult.

I mean, I guess that was the whole point of that dream.

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