is my first ever post-collegiate interview. It’s not for a paying job, but rather for an internship. It pays in experience, which is priceless.

I hope that I get it, but if I don’t I at least know for sure what it is I am looking for. I will work toward this until my goals are achieved.

I love you, good luck, and as my dad says, “Be strong and faithful.” I am dad.


Brian Williams went to Brookdale

It would be really easy to get depressed/overwhelmed about finding a job and creating my career and not being sub par my entire life. But I can’t do that. I need to address my dreams and tell myself that they can be realities if I just keep taking steps toward them. So like, today applying for another internship and signing up with Monster and looking for jobs were all tiny little baby steps toward something that is going to take 1 million tiny baby steps to get to. Also, I already think that things that don’t come easily are way more satisfying and exciting than things that just fall into my lap. So okay, if I can get a break here and get an internship great. But I’m also going to have to send writing to 100 different websites and magazines, to start creating something for myself. One job here isn’t the end. It’s 1 part of something that has an unknown amount of parts to it.

So okay, relax. Also, I’m glad to be in NJ right now. I have a lot of opportunity here. Also, stop being such a lazy bitch and buckle down harder. Just do it, otherwise you’re going to waste time. I hate wasting time.