This blog started as a question. “Who is Ché?”. I started it in the beginning of what would become a thick mess of whothefuckknows.

It’s been YEARS since then, and I have obviously retired this particular space. But, I would like to answer that question

Who is Ché? Well, I’m some one who is making a name for myself through my writing, and it hasn’t even peaked yet. Not even close.

I’m someone who knows how to address my crazy and deal with it.

And lastly, the very thing that makes me the weakest is the very thing that I feel is best about me. The hope and belief in love has yet to ever fall from me like the droplets of sweat that the last few years made pool around the temples and hairline of my predicaments.

As my friend once said, “If I didn’t live here, I’d be in another country.. at a different bar.. complaining about some other girl.”

And with that, I say, exactly.


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