My Friends and My Friends and My Friends. Oh, of My Friends.

I don’t want to be overly optimistic. I know well enough by now that the peace can be nothing other than the eye of a storm, and my storm has been brewing for a long time. But, can I say I feel like I have found my way out? Not entirely. But I want and am doing well, emotionally, at holding on to my truth.

Everything is as it should be. So many things have happened lately, and I am at peace. I feel like finally all the balls in the air and all the pieces that I have been trying to mash together have been absolved.

Here is the truth; look at it now. You and you and you. Me and you and me and you and me and us. All of everything has been thrown in the light. Them you her I see it, I see it, and I am not guilty of wrong doing. Instead, I know now that I am in the clear and it is such a bright feeling. I feel like for so long I have had so many stresses and worries and they are gone now, because God is good.

I have walked out of something. I have been thinking of how the chapters are all over. So many stories have ended recently. But from them I see only beginnings, and then the past 2 days happened, and truly- I feel good about everything.

So now, I know I have the tendency to fall. But I am happy, and there is so much to be grateful for.

I’m glad that though I make bad decisions, everything finally is good and pure and happy and real. I feel like I have learned all there is to learn, and I’m new. I’m new now.

And I am very content.