My life has in the last six months or so been teaching me patience. Sit back, allow life to play out, and wait. Perhaps you will have a moment or perhaps that moment won’t come. But while you’re waiting to see where life directs you and the people in your line of sight, learn, watch, and listen.

I can now talk about relationships with people I once wanted a relationship with.

I can answer questions honestly and not worry about what I say because I have some other agenda.

Things will happen in their own time, if at all. It’s about learning from life, not trying to force life.

And in the end, your patience will pay off, either in receiving what it is you desire today, or in revealing to you new desires that are better than your previous ones.

And with that, I think I no longer want to publish my thoughts on the internet anymore. I’m really hating the language of this “BLOG”. I may be going back to written journals if anything. Then at least my words would be more conscious because it takes more effort to write things out than it does to type them. Plus, I’ve been frustrated with this journal for a really really long time now.

So, good luck, learn, love, and I doubt this is really my last entry.


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