Embracing ME

Right now, today, I decided I want to speak Spanish fluently and then join the Peace Corps and go to Mexico or South America and do work. I will do that for 2 years. Afterward, I will consider doing Teach for America for another 1-2 years. Then I will be ready to move back to America and get a job.

I need a new computer first so I can download Rosetta Stone illegally….. to help the illegals! Joke, obvs.. because they aren’t illegal in their own country.

It just makes sense.

Tag this under, somedaydreams

I was looking under the someday category I have to see what I have been looking forward to, and I came across this. Just after I wrote… this post. It’s a little bit of a backing to my claim of wanting to help, and it’s a little better explained, a little. back when i still knew how to journal.


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