What you want to do and what you ought to do

are not always the same.

Moving in with KB and BRae. Awesome opportunity. But, I feel like it would be wrong. Wrong for Josiah. Wrong in terms of being close to my friends and family. I just don’t know. I said I need one night to pray about it. As if I have the faith that God WILL give me a definite answer. I will pray for that answer and believe that I will get it tonight. I will not use this as a test.

In terms of him, my good friend whom I love- I worry for him. It just makes me sad. When we are alone I can deal with it but when we are joined, I am left feeling sad and uninterested. Because it is when we are with some one else that I really see how terrible this is. And for the first time, I do not have the faith that he can actually pull through this.


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