I am so happy. spring makes me so happy.

talked to nicoli forever today about relationships and dating and past experiences. i am awfully optimistic. I am just happy.

And this weather is amazing. I think I have seasonal affective disorder. I am so much happier when my windows are open and I can smell the cherry blossoms. Do you smell them? It’s an amazing scent. The petals are everywhere like snowflakes. I can stand in shorts on the phone and the breeze is perfect.

Maybe it’s not S.A.D, but it’s something alright. I belong where the weather is like this all the time. Give me 12 months of spring and I’ll give you a seminar on happiness. It’s titled, Find April.

Also, the other title to remember is,
The Craziest Things The Sanest Women In The World Has Ever Done, For Love.

I told Nic the story of the Russian e-mail hacking, and I know it makes me sound crazy, but that was five years ago, and I learned a lot from that experience.

Regardless, life is beautiful this week.


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