I am on such an Eminem kick lately that I’m starting to worry about myself. I’m afraid I’m going to start feeling like an underestimated white girl who deserves street cred but doesn’t want the woes that come with fame. In time, I’ll stumble upon a flowery love quote by Shakespeare and spend the next 3 months fawning over the delusions of the fruitfulness of a desperate longing, followed by a two month downward spiral as a result of the realization that desperation is depressing(!). Eventually I’ll become angry and that will then result in yet another Eminem soaked couple of weeks. Rinse and repeat status. So let’s just skip the entire thing and say that Shakespeare and Eminem were/are both geniuses, they both inspire me, I do deserve a higher hood status, and lamentation is only beautiful in the movies or in retrospect… (and to those annoying people watching it from high above, perched on their happy pedestals, laughing at the poor, sad fools below).


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