Jim Norton Wednesday with John, Kari, Nic and Anjel is going to be awesome. I’ve been waiting to see Norton again, plus I just finished his book and Nic just finished both of his books so we’re all amped because we’ve basically been submersed in his humor for the last month or so anyway.

Cant complain with 35 dollars but I have to drive there alone (from rutgers so its not like its a big deal) but I have serious driving anxiety. As in, I could be on a show about phobias and they’d make me drive at night on a busy highway in another state and I’d start sweating and crying and they’d be like “you can do this it’s okay” and I’d want to pull over. Serious driving phobia. I don’t know what my deal is.

Actually, that scenario, of driving at night on a busy three or four line hiqhway in a place I’m unfamiliar with while looking for an exit is like the most terrifying thing I could imagine next to, I don’t know, being shot.


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