We had two new people at the meeting today. An A&R girl and another web designer. This with the new designer last week equals three new members of the Martyr family in 2 weeks. A fourth will (most likely) be joining us next week. He’s a PR guy who graduated from NYU and has an extravagantly overqualified resume. This bad economy thing is working in our favor because no one can get jobs so we get interns and people just trying to build their resumes. People with real world experience. People we wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford.

It’s gone from three people sitting in the living room, to four of us at the normal kitchen table, to 7 of us with the table’s leaf in and by next week it’ll be nine of us in the basement- which makes sense as that’s where the office is, the clothes and the design table. Things are coming together. They’re mastering networking. There will be more bumps in the road, employees will undoubtedly come (like they are now) and go (like dan). I’m liking it. I’m also not half assing it anymore. I want to be valuable, you know? Someone they’d want to take forward with them. I want to contribute, not just meet my deadlines every week. So last night I did research for our event coming up and I threw out some ideas that they liked and I found the company that we ultimately ordered all the beads from, so thats good. Plus I fixed the newsletter, wrote the “best blog yet” according to Den and edited all the bios. Den keeps saying he is seeing spelling mistakes but I don’t know what he’s talking about. I don’t see any.
Imagine if I cared about school as much as I do this? And the sad part is I still am not doing everything for this that I know I could be. I’m just sucha lazy gal sometimes.


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