Tomorrow we go to Nashville. I’m excited. I am going to see how I really like spending an entire week there. Is it really for me?
It’s 11:30. I’m all packed. I need to be up by 6. I need more sleep than that.. buuuuuuuut, britts still packing, running around looking for missing shoes, and I had a 2 hour nap midday that I wanted to avoid but couldn’t. Mom and Mick gave us their car AND 200 bucks. That’s sweet. hopefully we dont spend toooo much on the card. But we’re good for it.

Hopefully I get all my stuff done (sales report for sci/tech writing, studying for 18th cent midterm, newsletter for martyr).

Today was fun. Hung with the fellas after the meeting, went on chat roulette for the first time with nic and den, napped, got stuff for tomorrow ready.

I don’t feel like I’m leaving tomorrow and I’m like idk what to expect, but it’s going to be fun. Mid year trip. It’s a week and it’s going to be expensive. It’s a real vaca. A real, impromptu, thrown together vaca.


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