I am really excited about Nashville. I don’t have any money but I’d rather spend my small pile of dollars in Nashville than in Freehold where I’d simply be bored and trying to find something to occupy myself with other than work and school work and Martyr work. I think I need this, just refresh. School is so daunting and it weighs me down at times. I just want to drive again. Go back to my road home.

Last night I hung with Jeff and Nic. We played RockBand to be nostalgic. At first I was doing bass which I can do on hard now!… except for last night. I was not feeling it so I went to singing. It was fun though. Jeff is a genius. He is so quick and funny sometimes. It’s a different type of wit but a hilarious one. He made me laugh until I cried.

Martyr. I never talk about my internship. Well the blog is going to be revamped soon. I feel like if that were my house it would be a trailer with rusted edges and a new paint job trying to hide the water damage. It’s just not visually appealing. We’re getting some new web designers on board though, one starts this week, so hopefully she can help me with it. Every Sunday I go to their house. We sit at the “nice” table, covered in a plastic holiday table cloth in order to keep from messing it up. Den is neurotic like that. Everyone has their laptops out, (everyone being Den, Nic, Josh and Jesse) and I have my notepad. When I first walk in, usually the last one to arrive, no one is really lively yet. Nic usually says hi in the most chippery voice, and sometimes that’s not saying much. I put my stuff down and high energy Dennis comes in or greets me. “Hi Che Black!” That’s my “big boss” if you want to put it that way. He always has energy. He’s always ready. Then a joke will get pushed along. Did she shower today? Or, Dennis will tell me another girl got to me his 2 inch dick last night and it was like a trickling waterfall. A soothing zen garden. When he pees, it trickles down his balls and it’s so soothing that he fell asleep in the bathroom again.
Then the meeting. We all give a recap of what we’ve done this week (which is good because I always do a lot just before the meeting), then den talks and I write stuff down and we go over upcoming events, and Jesse is loud and obnoxious and someone yells at him, and we talk about the new sponsorships, one of the guys farts, dick jokes, they talk about boobs, call me Chesty, I give them dirty looks, Dennis gets mad at the interruptions, I laugh, someone else laughs because theyre looking at facebook, 2 hours later meetings over.

I really like it and I do believe in it. When they say they’re going to do something, they do it. They wanted to start an extreme sports branch of their sponsorships, boom, they did it. They want a huge event, boom, martyr gras. They might try 100 things and fail at 90, but those last 10 they succeed at are huge. They just never give up and at first, I didn’t think much of it. But now, I really do think they can make it. So that’s my honest opinion.

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