So that dream was on my mind

the whole way to school and I couldn’t shake it. Something about it was so … real? I’m not sure, seeing as some parts of it were so dumb. I was in the car thinking about it and about God’s will and suddenly God said to me, “That’s not my will.” It was like a warm breeze inside of me. It was calming. My brain suddenly stopped. I was sobered. I was in place. I was back to reality. God I love when that happens. I love when God touches me and suddenly you are whole and you see everything so clearly and all the clouded loud noise of being human is stilled.

I want that every day all day.

Thank you God. Seriously. Thank you God for sparing me from my own ways and for even having a will for me. That is amazing. And the fact that God still takes the time to place a hand on my shoulder, slightly smiling I’d say, and shake his head going, “No, Che, that’s not my will” as in “Ha, really though, no way. Silly goose.” And then I can be so at peace.

Anyway, thank you. I want more of that. NOWWWWWWWWW. Jk.. but really. I like it when God talks to me.


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