I’ve been nervous the last two days as I always am when I repeat lifes mistakes. I pray about it and feel like a complete fake because I’ve prayed this same prayer before. I’ve promised myself I wouldn’t make these mistakes again. Like 500 times. And then I find myself in my car, heart racing, praying and promising again.

Brittany met with her first family today in her social work program. A man, 35, lost his wife, 37, to cancer. She had cancer and had cracker her pelvis, so she went to the hospital for surgery. Because her immune system was so weak she contracted an infection or virus of some kind from the surgery and died. It wasn’t supposed to happen like that. He is left with three children, ages 8, 4 and 2. Two girls and one boy in the middle. Their mom died 2 weeks ago. Brittany’s job is to help him with them. To help with their homework while he’s making dinner, for instance. Just to ease the burden he feels.

While helping the eldest, a girl, with her homework the girl said, “my mom’s in heaven” and brittany responded, “I know and she’s happy there.” the girl asked, “are you sure?” and brittany said, “yes”.
“More sure than me?”
“More sure than you!”
“More sure than every body in the world?”
“More sure than everybody in the entire universe!”
“There’s no aliens in the outer space!!!”

It made me want to do more than just blog for a living.
It made me feel like I can do better.

Brittany is amazing. I am so proud to have her as my sister.


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