Do you know what that is? It’s peace. Inside of ME. I’m at peace. Weird. Why am I at peace? Because I had a really great day yesterday. I mean really great. I got to get up at 7:45 which I’m not even mad about. Then I got to go to the Martyr meeting which resulted in me and Josh grabbing lunch, and I love lunch! Then I got to sleep for 4 hours! FOUR HOURS. That’s like 1/2 of a full night of sleep, so that was life making up for me not being able to sleep the night before. How sweet of life. Then I watched It’s Complicated because I love romantic comedies about old people. I’m all SHIT, it IS complicated, and I totalllly get it. Also I’m all, oooh so it doesn’t get easier with age! Glad that pipedream has been resolved. Then I got to go to Josh’s where we smoked weed and I was seriously comforted by the hum of his refrigerator. The only downside is that my body encapsulated the cold and I was freeeezing for ever. What can you do though, my skin is obviously a sponge for cold.

So basically if your night goes out with Veggie Crisps and watching two men fight each other on TV while someone is blabbering about the primal looking “entertainment” and people in dungeons or some shit, you can’t really wake up and not feel at peace.


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