I have completely taken a break from blogging. 6 days since my last post? Unbelievable. But that’s because I secretly have started a new blog, so I’m kind of cheating. That blog is for publicity. To get me mad famous or published or something. I just haven’t settled on a voice or theme. I really need like 20 different blogs. One for every aspect of my writing personality. It’s too hard to be consistent. I’ll reveal that blog soon..

Oh by the way, some one from my real life has found this journal. I know it because someone google’d an expression that is not common but that IIII commonly use. When you google that phrase my blog is right up top on the search results. Someone clicked into my blog from a link they received from googling that phrase. So- that’s embarrassing seeing as I write everything I ever feel in here like a 12 year old would. But what can I do? Hopefully it was someone who respects me.


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