Oh hay Sunday

So I thought the last 2 days were Saturday, but really yesterday was Saturday, which meant that I was supposed to go to church today. I thought I had missed it and had 7 more days to work my way up to awakening at the ungodly hour of 10:30. But no, I had to do that today. At around 2 am this morning, just as I was sneaking out for a quick cigarette, Brittany came downstairs and was all “I can’t fall asleep.” Regardless she was still up for church in the morning, and so after she got out of the shower (which totes buys me an extra 2o minutes) I was up. I was grumpy when the water wasn’t hot enough (BRITTANY! 20 MINUTES IS TOO LONG!) and I was grumpy when we were running late (WELL I DIDNT GET ENOUGH TIME TO GER READY BECAUSE OF YOUR RIDIC 20 MINUTE SHOWER!). But Brittany actually made a conscious ever not to fight with me, and so we went to church, my defenses up, but sustaining from ever raising our voices to one another.  (Britt later said she knew what was going on but realized that family is more important than making it on time to this particular sermon and she’d rather us happy to be with one another than angry on our way to some church that we could make it to on time next week. She’s so smart.)We would have made it on time but we went the wrong way (er its been months since we drove to this Princeton church so it was only fitting we’d go South instead of North) and instead we were 20-30 minutes late. It was still good though. I learned that I have been surrounded by non-Christians for so long that it’s only sensical that church would be a bit awkward for me at first. But after a bit I was like.. hey.. this is me too! I learned basically I need to stop focusing on the big hard questions and just reacquaint myself with the simple truths- you have faith, God will help with the rest. Try a little and he’ll meet you more than half way. Basically- just give what you can. And I realized I only have so much to give. It’s a comfort though to know that even that little, which is all I have right now, is enough. I will focus on more when I have it.

Afterwards we went to On The Border for the first time where we made friends with our weirdo waiter. We had 2 margaritas each, one of mine being 140z! That’s too much rita for anyone. But I enjoyed them and we spent the rest of our 20 mile drive home (my GPS totally screwed us) singing our hearts out to Taking Back Sunday, Muse, Fun, 30 Seconds to Mars and (sigh) Finger Elever.

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