one for the script

Nic and I have talked about how our lives could be movies, how we just might actually be stuck in some twisted Truman Show-esque reality show and have of course debated the differences between a circus and our lives and the lives of those around us. Usually the similarities between the three far outweigh any of the differences. Today was no different. At least there’s people who find the same humor in it as I do. And at least I could call him to talk to him about it and be told that I’m A) evil but B) somewhat warranted in what I do.

Anyway, 2009, awesome full circling. I enjoyed you. Yes you sucked at times. But honestly, you were a year like none other and whether or not I learned anything you at least kept me very stimulated, entertained and on my toes. Cheers to you 09. Wrap up is coming tomorrow. I’m excited for it! A little apprehensive about 2010 (which apparently is going to be referred to as twenty ten but I still say two thousand and ten) but I can’t complain. I always always say that the one thing I really love about life is the uncertainty and the way you can never know what’s coming around the corner. And this year was filled with A LOT of corners. I spent the beginning of it shocked by each thing that popped out at me but as the year went on I became used to these “surprises” and was actually able to predict them. Even more so, I wasn’t shocked by them. It’s like I figured out the html behind life. Very little surprised me, yet everything surprised me. Maybe 2010 will have less corners and healthier excitement. Maybe 2010 then will be the year of health.

Every NYE I label what my next year will be. 2009 had been dubbed the year of adventure and it lived up to that. Every year actually that I have labeled has been just that. Whatever I had titled it. So if I label 2010 the year of health, that means my mind has already been set to that. People underestimate the power they actually have over their own lives. Anyway, before I accidentally end up doing my wrap up now, I’m going to bed.

Love and life and everything in between.



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