It’s gotten to the point

where I don’t even want to talk about that situation anymore. I don’t even want to call him to have a sleepover. That’s how over it I am. Yet I’m still so not over it because I just want to conquer it. But that desire is so faint comparatively, at this point.

You know Meg and Chris are back together. I thought the EX saga was unique to me, until I started talking to every single person in the world and realized it was completely normal. Nothing about that was unique or special> nothing made it meant to be.

I am at the point where I don’t care about anything I used to care about. I do not care. It’s not apathy, it’s just- who cares? Like how my dad is so nonchalant about my life disasters all the time. He’s right though. “Eh, move on, who cares, forget it..” usually I used to be all “ugh he so does NOT get me or my situations” but now I see, he is right. Forget it. Who cares?

I have a segment I’ve been meaning to create called Conversations with Strangers. I learn a lot through talking with strangers. I mean, everyone is the same. No situation is unique. How you handle it, not unique. Regardless if you handle it well or not. Someone has been there, done that. So stop thinking you’re so special. You’re not. It’s about being happy in the end, not about being extraordinary. And that’s pronounced extra-ordinary.

twenty ten?


the year of the tiger?

what do i WANT?

forgetting everybody else. Because forget everybody for a minute.

what do i WANT?

I see celestial things. happy fields smiles beers good friends a burning excitement/contentness.

I see.. i see….

xchexbabex (1:16:57 AM): im at a place right now myself
xchexbabex (1:17:35 AM): where i realized, i do not care about anything I used to care about. In terms of, all the things that were big deals for so long no longer hold any weight to me. I am in a place where I dont have anything to worry over
xchexbabex (1:18:07 AM): and thats not a good thing, its a “shit I have nothing going on besides school” thing. so I like hearing what otehrs think about the 20-something journey, seeing as Im in a dry spell
someone (1:18:33 AM): im sure youve something to worry about
xchexbabex (1:19:01 AM): my grades
xchexbabex (1:19:06 AM): =D hooray.
someone (1:19:09 AM): see
someone (1:19:11 AM): thats good
xchexbabex (1:19:24 AM): is a drama free life still a life
xchexbabex (1:19:27 AM): thats a joke question
xchexbabex (1:19:35 AM): but really, drama free. havent had that in a long long time
xchexbabex (1:19:44 AM): it makes me uncomfortable. how strange.

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