Long, long, long nights spent tangling up my minds thoughts. Long, long, long times spent tangled up in these bed sheet knots. I ain’t got long lines behind me, waiting men swaying me, ain’t got many laying me…. roses at my feet. No rose petals trailing off to new cars in the street. No. They don’t even pick me up. And I need a pick me up, what, with this luck. Shit, that’s how girls go’n get knocked up. And then those boys,… they pass the buck, but not to us. I just want to be somebody’s baby… not some lady of the night, only seeing emotion in shuttered moon light, star light, star bright, I wish I may I wish I might have the wish I wish tonight.. to be held while I fall asleep, ‘stead of making sure my tears don’t creep onto their pillow cases, only seeing O-faced faces, watching them tie their shoe laces as they walk me to the door. Common house hold name, common house hold whore. But what can you expect flaunting like I do in my tight t-shirts and how-do-you-do breasts peeking out from my v-necks. A figure like this is a hex on a woman.

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