The only reason I’m not completely in a terrible mood is because I know that once I finish the assignments in front of me I am home free. Unless I take a winter class (duh, sign up).

So, lettucey (throwback to 15 year old blogging days) what else is there to say other than I read Pablo Nerudo’s book a bit last night and found a lot of fun in trying to figure out the Spanish before going to the English translation. I wonder if I could learn spanish through studying LOVE SONNETS. Would that not make me the hippest romantic on the block?

Speaking of romantics, we are such romantics. Not everyone is, but I am. And a few of my friends are, and it’s like this club where not everyone gets it, but those who do, they really get it. That’s why all this talk of moving is so prevalent through out every month of every year for the past six years. Its the romantic notion of adventure and life and love and the unknown.
What if though, and I’m sorry to have to ask this, but what if you (and that’s a general you) went out there and didn’t get any answers and you were still discontent? Holy hell. THEN WHAT?

But, us romantics, we don’t think that way.

Lady Katherine- by Jason White. This song means something to me. I wish I could be Lady Ché. But I’m really just Ché.

Standing on your balcony in the sky
Trying to think of one reason you should not run.
You thought you saw your innocence driving by,
With your college education riding shot gun.
Ah girl it’s a long way to Heaven and,
it ain’t nowhere near to Greenwich, Connecticut.
You thought you’d be married off at 27,
Guess you’d better forget it.

Oh Lady Katherine,
Queen to be.
Talking Michelangelo over tea and
Lady Katherine, the Queen to be,
It’s back to being just Katie drinking beer with me.

And you were just gunna teach school a year or two,
Til Mr. Pinstripe was ready for a family.
He skipped out, now the ragman is calling you,
And how you gunna fend him off on your salary?
Every world now and then just collapses,
Even when you think you made it to the big top.
I’m here to tell you those momentary lapses don’t ever stop.


Now that the acid rain has rusted out your empire,
Nobody’s standing round and look at all your new clothes.
Ain’t no rubies in your bloody crown of barbed wire,
Ain’t no diamonds in the tears dripping off your nose.
Forget the time you wasted waiting on a good prince,
Forget the many miles you traveled as the crow flies,
It don’t show where the crow left his foot prints around your eyes.


Oh lady Katherine,
Talking Edgar Allen Poe over tea..

It’s back to being Katie drinking beer with me,
She’s just Katie to me.

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