“Good morning beautiful”

That is the text I woke up to today. From my ex boyfriend of like 4 years ago. Hello 2005? Where the hell did you come from? More like, am I still wasted? Oh no I’m not. Did time freeze and then reverse? Doubtful, because I’m still 23 and poor. So then… what? Ooooh, oh that’s right, life gets bored and then reminds you of where you’ve come from for shits and giggles. Hilarious, really.

He talked about his bad decisions as if they were his ex girlfriends fault and talked about his new girlfriend in terms of what job she has and how big her house is. So in other words, it’s all about the money honey. I felt happy that I’m not that.. yet. Eventually I’ll be a gold digger, but not today. Plus you need to HAVE money to be all about it. I’m content with free movie tuesday and drinking for free after my shifts. There you go- recession solved. By the way, did you know the recession is over? I didn’t. It was over in August/Sept apparently. I’m just poor because I’m just poor.

But really, it was weird waking up to that. Weirder that I fell so hard for it. And then I remember I always fall for that shit. And now I don’t want it. Unless they mean it. But the kind of guy I end up with will be more like “good morning ugly” to keep my head from getting too big, and I’ll know what he really means by that and I’ll swoon harder.

Good night ugly! Yeah that’s hot.


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