“You’re just a guy with a vagina…. weirdo.”

That was Kusher last night while I sat with him, Shark, and Jeff. Later, I hung out with John talking about who knows what, and then I stayed late talking with Nic Shark and Josh about fantasies and the imagination. I love having so many guy friends because I learn so much about men. Mainly, that they’re too visually stimulated and they’re also very stupid. Lastly, every man needs a good woman. Even though they don’t always realize that. It would balance them a bit. Everyone.

I did my paper last night. went to Sharkey’s birthday, now today though I am very sleepy I will be going to work, closing, and then doing the rest of my homework tomorrow.

You know, if I read everything I was supposed to for school I would be a whole lot smarter.

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