The Beginning

Aka- best friends means, well best friends means

so i have a theory

guys get blue balls and its hurts your stomach

but girls get blue balls too only it hurts our feeeelings

its a tentative theory. well have to test it a bit


how are we going to test that

it seems like you already figured it out lol


ha idk, i just learned in biology that you have to test theories, you cant just assume theyre true


how are you going to test blue balls

its a fact

they hurt the tummy


no i know that is fact


and how do blue balls hurt girls feelings? i dont get that part


so blue balls is youre all geared up for some sexy times

and then it doesnt happen

and theoretically, or mythologically, the guy is the only one who suffers



haha ok ok i get it


usually the guy is the only one who suffers

okay good.


what is he too tired tonight?


haha no i was just blabbering to brittany about theories

and yes, he totally did cancel on me, but thats irrelevant


haha clearly it isnt

you have the blue-toris

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